Technical characteristics

Image capture

The special configuration of the system, the camera is able to capture everything that is around it.  In regard to the vertical angle, it varies between 110 to 180 depending on the configuration chosen.




Function of the needs of the customer, have angles capture 180º, 270º and 360º in the horizontal.

Blind angle 


Depending on the chosen configuration ant the height at which the camera is located, the blind zone at the bottom of the device can vary between 2 and 4 meters.


Optional equipment

Lighting for vision IR      


Settings for variables capture different angles 1800 - 2700   and 3600

Encapsulated IP 66

Encapsulado anti vandal

NAS for home storage operations modulo 2, 4, 8 Tb

camara web

Image outputn (video streamingo in dual channel)

Recording /video transmission channel is perfomed in double on one side is stored in the local mode at the maximum 

resolution and the other is sent through the server ONVIF configurable resolution.

7.000 px

 1.800 px

                                                      1.920 px

                                                       530 px


Sending image WAF system or compatible ONVIF(Configurable according to the customer/s system):

                                  Image size.       Up 1.920 x 530 px.

                                  FPS                                6 FPS

Recording in local mode at full resolution

                                  Image size.       7.000 x 1.800 px.

                                  FPS                                1-2 FPS



Composition system

                4 cameras  5 Mpx.

                No moving parts.

Characteristics of the recording in high resolution

                Recordind mode                                Continuos 24 h

                Duration of the videos                      Programmable (5 m. by default)

                Days to record                                  Between 10 and 25 days according to he characteristics of the                                                                                         captured images, colors, movements, etc...


Video processor

                Processorr I7 (8 cores)

                8 Gb RAM

                SSD disk and sortware for system.

                1,5 Tb disk video storage pair in local mode 

                Ethernet Gigabit output

Technical Features

                Automatic reset in case of incidents

                Automatic restart in case of power failure

                Auto Delete recording period as established (30 days by default)

                24 hours continuous recording.